Innovative Memories
& Embedded Systems


Asine produces components and subsystems that integrate into third party products. The products comply with well-defined specifications. Asine's supplies off-the-shelf products as well as products customized to specific customer requirements.

Post Sales Support

Asine provides full post-sales support of its products. The support includes availability of engineers for enquiries.

Customized Systems

Asine produces customized embedded systems according to client specifications, incorporating its own as well as third party's components and sub-systems.

Environmental Certification

Asine follows environmental regulations and provides relevant environmental certification for its products.


Asine provides training for optimal integration of its components and sub-systems into customer's products and for optimal use of its embedded systems. Asine's training is tailored to specific customer need.

Return of Material Authorization (RMA)

Asine provides a customer oriented RMA-service at fast response time and expedited return.