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The Photon series presents PATA interfaces in a standard compact flash specification CFA 4.1, transport protocols and physical interconnect (ATA/ATAPI-6), compact flash form factor SLC flash. Asine ASCF delivers performance and proven reliability for data and mission critical systems. Added benefits of flexibility are built into Asine’s ASCF – compact flash storage systems, including expandable storage capacity as flash memory capacities increase. The ASCF support OEM application specific features such as industrial and commercial temperatures, and other standards, sanitize fast erase, high grade Industrial workmanship, optional configuration freeze and more.

The ASCF is a top reliable compact flash high performance mass storage solid state drive with no moving parts, ideal to meet the reliability requirements of the military and aerospace, video and audio servers, as well as broadcasting systems and enterprise computing. The ASCF is designed to withstand extreme shocks, vibrations and harsh environmental conditions while operating without compromising on data integrity.


  • High quality Photon series SLC flash technology
  • Up to 64 GB SLC and 128GB MLC (per model) flash memory.
  • PATA I/F ATA-6 supporting UDMA 0-6, MWDMA 0-4 & PIO 0-6
  • True IDE, PC card memory and I/O modes, removable mode
  • Fast sanitize erase for entire media (in seconds) capacity dependent.
  • Operating temperature – commercial 0°C to +70°C and industrial -40°C to +85°C; special OEM models supports +95°C
  • Storage temperature -50°C to +100°C
  • Humidity 5% to 85% relative, non-condensing
  • Altitude (operating & non-operating) 0 to 70,000 feet
  • Less than 20 µsec access time
  • High data transfer rate: up to 110 MB/sec burst read/write, 90/85 MB/sec sustained
  • Read/ write (model dependent) with limit to interface speed.
  • Reliability – MTBF (at 25°C) > 2,000,000 hours
  • Insertions/removals > 1000
  • Data reliability < 1 non-recoverable error per 10^14 bits read
  • Data retention 10 year (JESD47) @ 25°
  • Embedded ECC - ECC BCH hardware algorithm 8-15 bit per 512 bytes for error correction
  • Built-in power-up self test, manual and automatic self-diagnostics
  • Bad block mapping and management
  • Wear-leveling algorithm: dynamic and static wear- leveling
  • Operating supply 3.3V +/-5%
  • Operation (read/write) – 0.37W, idle – 0.018W, sleep (partial/slumber) – 0.013W/0.02W
  • 1,500,000 write/erase cycles with SLC technology; read unlimited
  • Connector: 50 pin CF standard
  • No special drivers - uses existing Windows, Linux, VxWorks®, and PATA/IDE drivers
  • Industrial grade assembly & workmanship
  • Shock - half sine, 50G peak, 0.3 ms; half sine wave
  • Vibration - 20G RMS peak (random, 10Hz to 2000 Hz)