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2.5” NVMe / PCIexpress pSLC and MLC flash disk

The Photon series presents NVMe - PCIexpress interfaces in a standard 2.5” form factor pSLC and MLC flash drive. Asine AS25-NVMe flash drive delivers performance and proven reliability for data and mission critical systems. Added benefits of flexibility are built into Asine’s AS25-NVMe storage systems, including easy field firmware upgrades and expandable storage capacity as flash disk capacities increase. The AS25-NVMe drives support OEM application specific features such as fast sanitize erase (H/W or S/W triggered), high grade industrial certified metal & workmanship, and more. Product is compliant to RoHS.

Asine AS25-NVMe is ideal to meet the reliability requirements for high quality storage, data store, video and audio servers, as well as broadcasting systems and general computing. The AS25-NVMe_HCF drives are designed to withstand long life true full capacity, while operating without compromising data integrity.


  • Highest quality MLC & pSLC Flash technology
  • 2000GB to 16000GB at MLC and from 1000GB up to 8000GB at pSLC of non-volatile (per model) Flash memory in a 2.5” U.2 (SFF-8639) form factor
  • Interface PCIe Gen2 5Gbps, up to x4 lanes.
  • NVMe specification revision 1.1a compliant
  • Fast sanitize erase for entire media (few seconds typical) capacity dependent
  • Operating temperature – commercial 0°C to +70°C and industrial -40°C to +85°C
  • Storage temperature -55°C to +95°C
  • Humidity 5% to 95% relative, non-condensing
  • Altitude – operating -1000 ft. to 70,000 ft.
  • High data transfer rate: pSLC sustained read & write up to 1200MB/sec any capacity. MLC sustained read up to 1200MB/sec for 2/4/8TB and write 1000Mb/sec. (4/8TB). 800 MB/S
  • Write for 2TB (capacity, technology & file system dependent).
  • IOPS 4KB up to 90K random read & 80K write (overall capacity dependent)
  • Reliability – MTBF 1,500,000 hours by JEDEC-218/219
  • Embedded EDC/ECC; bad block mapping and management
  • Built-in power-up self test and automatic self-diagnostics
  • Wear-leveling algorithm: dynamic & dtatic wear leveling
  • Power: 1.5W to 3W (2TB-8TB) on idle; operation 6-10W on (2TB-8TB)
  • TBW - MLC - up to 1PB overall for 4TB SSD, up to 2PB for 8TB SSD
  • TBW - pSLC - up to 5PB overall for 2TB SSD and 10PB for 4TB SSD
  • No special drivers - uses compliant NVMe Windows, Linux, VxWorks® drivers
  • SSD unit sustain environmental – operating and non-operating: shock (operating and non-operating) 1,000 G/0.5ms. vibration - operating : 16.3G GRMS (10-2000 Hz)



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