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Board Level Solid State Disk

The ASPMC660, ASPCIe670, AScPCI660/635 and ASVME620 implement a board level family  of products. These products show Ultra speed PCI & SCSI Fast Flash Disk boards that plug into a single PMC/cPCI/PCIe/VME slot and interface via PCI/SCSI bus.

The ASPMC660 provides up to 100MB/Sec R/W burst & sustain via the PCI bus.

The ASPCIe670 is an Ultra speed PCIexpress 4X Lane Fast Flash Disk Full length board that plugs into a PCIe slot and interfaces via 4X Lane PCIe bus.

The AScPCI660 is an Ultra speed PCI/X Fast Flash Disk CompactPCI 6U module that plugs into a single cPCI slot, interfaces via PCI/X bus.

The AScPCI635 is an IDE Fast Flash Disk single-slot compactPCI 3U module that plugs into a single slot.

The ASVME620/S is a Fast Flash Disk SCSI board. It plugs into a 6U VME slot and interfaces via LVD or SE SCSI bus.

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