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PCIexpress 1X Lane

The ASPCIe676 Ultra High speed PCIexpress X1 Lane Fast Flash SSD module plugs into a single lane PCIe bus slot. Assembled with Asine Photon series Solid State Drive (SSD), the  ASPCIe676 shows performance of up to 230MB/Sec to 220MB/Sec burst and sustain R/W with up to 15,000 IOPS & can be accessed by PCIe-X1 Lane bus. Available storage up to 500GB. Optional external externsion would yield total of 1000GB flash and RAID 0/1 capable in a single high PCIe format.

The ASPCIe676 yield an added online Flash Disk storage, which is scanned and registered automatically by CPU BIOS.

Thus - No Connecting Cables or any harness are needed !

Supporting OEM specific application features such as conformal coating, conduction cool, write protect &secure erase (at specific models) and more. Supported by Windows, Linux and other.

Custom specific coating available for special environment like – medical, space, Military, Naval and more.

The ASPCIe676 carries 1 year warranty and optional long term support.


  • RAID 0 & 1 support of the four SSD’s
  • High data transfer rate – up to 230 MB/Sec Burst & Sustained R/W (configuration dependant)
  • Fast erase – sanitize erase of entire media per MIL/Defense Standards. Optional OEM H/W signal activation
  • Dynamic wear leveling
  • 2,000,000 Write/Erase cycles at SLC flash; Read unlimited Operating temperature – Commercial 0°C to +70°C. Optional Extended
  • SATA2 type internal interface with DMA6 & PIO 0-4
  • Long term product life cycle support
  • Conformal coating (Humiseal 1B31 for MIL).
  • unit MIL-STD 810F Compliant -

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