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The ASPMC660 is an Ultra speed PCI Fast Flash Disk PMC module that plugs into a single PMC slot and interfaces via PCI bus. Asine Photon series SLC Fast Flash Disk (FFD) delivers performance and proven reliability for data and mission critical systems. The ASPMC660 provides up to 100MB/Sec R/W burst & sustain via the PCI bus (PIO, DMA, Ultra DMA6) and available in up to 128GB in a single high PMC format.

The ASPMC660 Ultra Fast Flash Disk interfaces using Jn1 & Jn2 to the PCI bus - yield an added online Flash Disk storage, which is scanned and registered automatically by CPU BIOS.

Thus - No Cables or harness required !

The ASPMC660drives support OEM application specific features such asconformal coating per MIL and other standards, fast secure erase and sanitize (DOD, AFSSI, NSA and more), auto-resume security erase/sanitize on power-down, Avionic certified metal & workmanship, conduction cool without the need for air flow. The drives are supported by Windows, Linux, VxWorks, Integrity and others. Additional advantages we offer include configuration freeze, long term life support, enhanced EOL policy, Made in the USA (for F M F), Made in India.


AS-DRV – VxWorks drivers for Asine ASPMC/ASPCI Flash boards:

  • AS660VXPPC1.0 - VxWorks® 5.x PIO0 – PIO4 driver & Project License
  • AS660VXPPC2.0 - VxWorks® 5.x PIO0 – PIO4 & DMA0 to DMA 2, UDMA0 to UDMA5 driver & Project License



  • 16 GB to 128 GB Flash Disk in a single PMC slo at  single high
  • PCI interface
  • High data transfer rate, up to: 100MB/Sec Burst R/W, 50MB/Sec  Sustained Read/Write
  • Operating temperature: Commercial 0°C to +70°C, Industrail -40°C to +85°C
  • Fast erase /  Sanitize
  • MTBF > 1,000,000 hours (capacity depended) MIL-HDBK271F
  • EDC/ECC On-the-fly H/W & S/W based on BCH
  • Dynamic wear leveling  & Bad Block Management
  • >3,000,000 Write/Erase cycles; Read unlimited
  • Embedded EDC/ECC, based on 48-bit Reed Solomon Algorithm for ECC
  • Power consumption typ/max 3W / 4.5W (for up to 128 GB capacity)
  • MIL-STD 810F: Shocks - Half Sine, 1500G, 0.5ms, 40G @ 11msec.
  • Vibrations - 16.3G RMS (Random, 20Hz to 2000 Hz, 3 vibrations axes)
  • O.S. drivers - uses existing Windows, Linux and VxWorks® using Asine P/N AS660VXPPC1.0 and AS660VXPPC2.0
  • Supported by Integrity™ OS,  Linux/Linux-RT drivers
  •   Conformal coating (Humiseal 1B31).  Optional – compliant to Space, Military and  Medical applications

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ASINE USA LLC. PH: +1-502-694-3098 FAX: +1-502-470-0606